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Cone-beam computed tomography or CBCT scan is an advanced means of digital imaging method that we use in dentistry to capture high-quality images of the mouth to determine the positions of teeth, jawbone, tooth roots, and other oral features from different angles. CBCT scanners are able to capture approximately 150-200 images in less than one minute with maximum accuracy and perfection. 

At Arcadia Medi-Dental Group, the Arcadia, CA dentist uses CBCT scans to capture three-dimensional images of the teeth, jaw, and mouth.

What is PreXion Cone-beam CT?

PreXion Cone-beam CT emits a conical beam of light that is projected towards the face of the patient while performing an oral scan. The images given out by the scans are displayed on a chairside computer screen. The scanning device revolves around the patient who is sitting on a comfortable dental chair, thus producing images of three-dimensional aspects of the oral features. The Arcadia, CA dentist can use these data to diagnose several oral conditions and fabricate suitable and precise dental restorations if needed.

PreXion CBCT Scan Uses 

  • The highly accurate CBCT scans help identify and treat jaw tumors.
  • The data obtained by CBCT scans can help in the accurate placement of dental implants.
  • The data gathered from CBCT scans can be used to assess the patient’s bone structure and density. 
  • CBCT scans help in improving the accuracy and precision of reconstructive treatments and other dental procedures 
  • It is possible to capture images of the nerve canals as well as paranasal sinuses with the help of a CBCT scan.
  • CBCT scanning assists in detecting temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ).

So, in short, PreXion CBCT Scanner produces a highly accurate 3-D radiographic image to be used for better diagnosis, planning, and surgical treatment in dental implantology, orthodontics, airway assessment, reconstructive jaw surgery, TMJ analysis, and other oral procedures.

CBCT Scan Procedure 

The CBCT scanner includes an X-ray source along with a detector positioned on a rotating C-arm. The X-ray source and the detector generate approximately 200 high-resolution images of the targeted area in a minute as they both rotate together. 

When these detailed images are combined, a 3D image is formed. We can use the images obtained by the CBCT scanner digitally as well as in printed form for future uses. 

Benefits of PreXion CBCT Scans 

  • Non-invasive and painless procedure.
  • Provide precise and better quality images to enable the accuracy of the dental procedures. 
  • It is possible to capture images of the bones and soft tissues simultaneously.
  • Safe and low radiation procedure 

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