How Long Can You Delay a Tooth Extraction?

How Long Can You Delay a Tooth Extraction?

Posted by ARCADIA MEDI-DENTAL GROUP on Mar 9 2022, 11:55 PM

Losing a tooth can be quite upsetting, especially when you have to have it extracted. Unfortunately, there are instances in which tooth extraction becomes a necessary measure for safeguarding your overall dental health.

Dr. Natalie Tung at Arcadia Medi-Dental Group in Arcadia, California, offers professional dental care and services, including tooth extractions, always keeping in mind the comfort and wellbeing of our patients.

Delaying an Extraction

When the extraction procedure is delayed, you may be exposing your entire mouth to additional risks. If you already have an infection, it can spread to the adjacent teeth and cause even more severe dental issues. 

On top of this, most conditions that require tooth extraction cause a lot of pain and discomfort which will not subside until you have the affected tooth removed. 

Below are the various impacts of delaying a tooth extraction procedure:


You don't want to put off the extraction procedure if you have an infection as it will affect your dental health and cause additional issues. If you put off treatment, the infection will progress and the dentist will no longer be able to use a local anesthetic to make the procedure pain-free, making the extraction uncomfortable.

Crooked Teeth

If you have a fractured or misaligned wisdom tooth, the dentist will assess whether or not it can be fixed or preserved. If the dentist recommends that the tooth be removed, it is better to proceed with the extraction as soon as possible to prevent affecting the adjacent teeth.

A misaligned wisdom tooth might not trouble you at first. However, it may cause infections or even push your other teeth from their positions.

Delayed Extraction Means Delayed Healing

According to a study conducted on 426 people aged 60 and above, a significant difference was observed between the recovery duration of patients who had their teeth pulled after waiting for two months or more and those who had their teeth extracted within one month of observing symptoms. 

The study concluded that a delay of two months in tooth extraction resulted in an increase in the time taken for the wound to heal, namely more than eight weeks.

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