Accurate Digital Impressions with the iTero Scanner

Accurate Digital Impressions with the iTero Scanner

Posted by ARCADIA MEDI-DENTAL GROUP on Apr 21 2021, 09:38 AM

Orthodontic treatments to straighten crooked, overcrowded, or misaligned teeth can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Traditional braces often have sharp wire edges that scratch the inner lining of the cheek. Fortunately, a new and advanced orthodontic treatment using Invisalign offers a different story. 

Invisalign is the latest innovation in orthodontics that uses advanced dental appliances to help achieve perfectly straight teeth. One of its innovations is the use of digital impressions in place of physical putty-based impressions. This is possible with the iTero Scanner.

What Is the iTero Scanner?

The iTero scanner is an intraoral digital device that uses a 3D scan to produce an accurate digital model of the patient’s teeth. The appliance uses laser and optical scanning to capture thousands of points per second to create an immediate digital render. This allows the orthodontist to draw up an efficient treatment plan for the patient in real-time consultation.

How Does the Itero Scanner Work?

The iTero scanner consists of an ergonomic wand that fits into the mouth. As the wand is placed over each tooth, it emits a laser that scans the tooth. The images taken are uploaded into the system where they are processed to produce a digital 3D impression of the patient’s teeth. The impression would be detailed enough for the orthodontist to make an assessment and formulate a treatment plan. 

What Are the Benefits of the Itero Scanner?

The iTero scanner quickly provides high-quality digital impressions, working as the perfect companion for the Invisalign system. Using the iTero scanner makes orthodontic treatments involving Invisalign, retainers, or digital bracket removal faster and more efficient because:

  • The iTero scanner does away with using messy putty for impressions.
  • Its ease of use allows real-time consultation.
  • The fitting is highly accurate and rarely requires alterations.
  • The 3D model can be altered to present the projected final result, allowing the orthodontist to plan the next steps of the treatment.

Taking digital impressions with the iTero scanner is a comfortable, safe, and reliable procedure. It  is a brilliant alternative to traditional methods. 

If you’re planning to get your teeth straightened, call Arcadia Medi-Dental Group that offers treatments using advanced dental appliances such as Invisalign and iTero scanner.

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