4 Amazing Benefits of Dental Implants You Should Know About

4 Amazing Benefits of Dental Implants You Should Know About

Posted by ARCADIA MEDI-DENTAL GROUP on Apr 14 2021, 09:34 AM

Dentistry has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few decades. Aided by advancements in technology, dental professionals have pushed the boundaries of what can be done, leading to the advent of dental implants. Earlier, a person had to get a crown or a bridge if they lost a tooth. But thanks to the continuing progress in dental treatments, dental implants are becoming more and more common. Dental implants offer many benefits for a person having it, some of which will be discussed in this blog.

  • Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss

When there are no teeth on the jaw, the bone in the empty space starts to deteriorate because it doesn’t get stimulated enough. Research says you may lose up to 25% of the volume within a year if an implant isn’t placed. The number only increases after a year and within a few years, there will barely be any bone left to help with eating.

  • Dental Implants Keep Surrounding Teeth Stable

Dental implants don’t just provide a safe stronghold for crowns or bridges, they also provide support to the adjacent teeth and protects them from loosening. How does this work? When there’s a gap and you use the tooth around it to chew, you are slowly but surely forcing them to lose their strength. Before you know it, your bite will get weaker.

  • Dental Implants Prevent Premature Ageing and Face Sagging

When teeth are missing, your facial muscles aren’t getting the support they need to hold their usual position. The longer you don’t get those missing teeth fixed, the longer gravity will pull on your face, making you look more aged than you should.

  • Dental Implants Act like Natural Teeth and Last a Lifetime

Dental implants behave like natural teeth, if not better, by allowing you to chew. In general, you can eat whatever you want with little concern about the implants breaking off. Besides, they are made of highly durable materials, which enables them to last for years, even decades in almost all cases.

To sum up, dental implants may cost just as much as other alternative treatments but the advantages they offer for a lifetime set them apart. 

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